Expert Witness & Litigation 

aerial survey, aerial photography, airborne laserscanning [LiDAR]

  • Expert Witness - certified, independent, free from instructions, conscientious and impartial, committed to secrecy.
  • Survey Reports - Judicial Expert Testimony & Advisory Opinion.
  • Value determination - e.g. insurance damage, risk and damage analyzes.
  • Consultancy -technical appraisal, litigation consulting and support.

aerial-survey-base is an organization focused on Expert Consulting and Expert Litigation Support, especially related to Primary Data-Acquisition Technologies.
We can meet your needs for Expert Consulting to support your Litigation or Arbitration.

We have the ability to consult on issues involving application of engineering & surveying standards, assessment of exposure, document responsibility, and professional negligence, focused on the primary data acquisition process.

Additional services may be provided on a case by case basis.

Why Expert Opinions

An judicial expert opinion is a reasoned judgment of an expert on a question of doubt.

Expert Witness

expert testimony, litigation consulting and support, documentation, or any related expert witness services.

Survey Reports

In the context of ongoing legal proceedings, an expert is charged to deliver an expert opinion or report.

Arbitration Opinions

The expert takes over the preparation of an arbitration report by the determination in the arbitration contract.

Evidence Reports

serves as proof that an object is not in the state after a certain time, as at the time of the preservation of evidence.

Certified Professional Expert [DGuSV e.V.]
EU #DE/8313 - checking no. Vl-DE89842

Why Certified Professional Expert Witness

Oliver Koepke | Expert Whitness | aerial-survey-base

We are certified Professional Experts of "The German Association of Professional Experts" [DGuSV, which is short for Deutscher Gutachter und Sachverständigen Verband e.V.]

The DGuSV is an officially registered professional association and is thus subject to increased due diligence of its members.

Due to decades of activities, the GAPE/DGuSV is optimally positioned and enjoys a high level of acceptance abroad as well. Due to its wide range of services, the DGuSV is one of the organizations with the highest level of member satisfaction. The federal office is located in Chemnitz, offices are also in Berlin, in Saxony and in Bavaria.

The expert register of the DGuSV only includes appraisers who have undergone a comprehensive examination. The quality and certification guidelines of the DGuSV are very high in this respect and, in addition to their suitability for the preparation of expert reports, also require above-average expertise, which must be proven by profound evidence. Examination and appointment as Certified Expert of the DGuSV are carried out in cooperation with the European Economic Association of Experts and the European Experts Group Ltd. at EU level.

Code of Ethics des DGuSV
(German) [link]

The DGuSV [German Association of Professional Experts] is among the largest professional associations for experts of all fields in the German-speaking region and serves as a leader in the industry. The DGuSV is registered as a professional organization in the register of associations of the state of Saxony, Germany. It is also listed in the public register of associations maintained by the German Bundestag [p 712, no. 1035]. As one of the few expert associations in Europe, the DGuSV is also included in the EU Transparency Register, reference no. 01521746141-49.

DGuSV collaborate with various partners, incl.:

  - EWIVS - European Economic Interest Grouping of Experts
  - EU/CE - European Institute of Certificated and Qualified Experts
  - GEIE - Groupements Européens d´Intéret Économique EEG
  - EEG - European Experts Group Ltd. UK
  - IQAC - Institute of Quality Assurance and Certification
  - BDF - Bundesverband Deutscher Finanzberater e.V.
     [Federal Association of German Financial Advisors]
  - IEO - International Experts Organization

  - ICEM [International Certified Experts Membership]
  - BAFA - Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle
     Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control


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